ChristineBoegh Namaste


A Heartfelt Welcome My Dear Friend

My name is Christine. I believe in the power of compassion, unconditional love and joy and I know for sure that when we humans reclaim and expand these natural super powers and thereby become more of who we are we are cable of doing so much good in our own lives, others life and for the entire world.

I can see that we humans – when we are loving and kind to ourselves we become much more powerful – our inner power grows just like our self-worth sparkle even more which automatically leads us to being even kinder towards everything else. 

When we show kindness to others we not only support others in a positive way to become more of whom they are cable of being in a lovable way. We most certainly also grow and expand our own humane powers and our own life in a loving, compassionate and healthy way.

To love ourselves is truly a winner situation for all in my humble opinion.


Namaste Ripples

I´m sure you know the ripple effect: a situation in which, like ripples expanding across the water when an object is dropped into it, an effect from an initial state can be followed outwards incrementally. This is for an example a way I see acts of compassion which mean that one kind act can accelerate endless good energy for the benefit of all.

I also know it to be true that when we act with love and kindness we are much more likely to experience inwardly incrementally that make us able to receive even more love, compassion, joy and kindness within ourselves and in our own lives which again bounce out for the benefit of all and everybody.

In my eyes it is a never ending synergy and when we become even more aware of this fact, we can do so much good and create endless uplifting energy for us self, other beings, and the whole wide world. This in my humble opinion is much needed in large parts of today’s modern world.


I guess you know the feeling of fear and anger. There is nothing wrong with these feelings they are quite normal and can do us good in specific situations when we use them in a meaningful way, learn from them and cultivate something new and good. The challenge with these emotions is when we humans and whole societies become controlled by them because it creates negative ripple effects like superficiality, loneliness, crimes, violence, suppression, illness, and ignorance etc. not only for the individual person but also for families, social systems, cities, countries, etc. which naturally affect the global situation.

This tendency is unfortunately already striking in some areas of the world but we can change it for a healthier, more compassionate, more joyful, more loving, more friendly, more heart-warm and more passionate etc world which in my eyes is much more humane, productive and beneficial for all also in the long term.


Namaste Christine Boegh

I truly believe in us humans and I see that when we each take the responsibility to expand our love, compassion, kindness and joy inwards and outwards and thereby take the individual control back we start to create and demand a more peaceful world for all and please do always remember that you are included in all.

We all deserve to receive unlimited sources of love, joy, compassion, acceptance, understanding, abundance, kindness, empathy, health, positivity etc. but we cannot live it or show it behind closed hearts and closed minds. We have to open up to say and show it to ourselves and others to make us, our lives and our societies work in an even more optimal, peaceful and lovable way.

Serious my Love we are here together on our wonderful plant earth and we have to make it work in a way where we can bloom and experience the incredible power of being alive in an uplifting way full of love, abundance, compassion, kindness, love, passion, health, abundance, positivity and joy.


When we claim our own power, take responsibility and act with integrity we can create so much harmonious life-giving power for ourselves, our lives, others, future generations and the entire world – just think of the ripple effects.

The opposite is just not an option anymore!

Welcome to the powerful uplifting ripples of love, joy and compassion – for the benefit of you, us and the entire world.