Are You Aware Of the Growth of Conscious Consumer Power? And that it might challenge you?

The conscious consumers might be (or should be) very interesting for professional people and companies who sell goods and services because it is the consumers who have the power to change the direction (of your business) in the world and therefore decides what will be sold and what kind of businesses who will have success, need to upgrade or even survive professionally or spiritually.

This consumer power isn’t a new phenomenon. The highly interesting thing now is that the conscious segments of consumers are a constantly expanding group and especially the fact that they demand more transparency, empathy, equality, compassion, higher ethical & moral standards etc. And due to their growth (thanks to (the happy side of) the World Wide Web and the overall rise of compassionate consciousness) they gain more and more power.


Conscious Consumer Christine Boegh


Who Conscious Consumers might challenge

I believe it will be more and more challenging for corporations and professional individuals to have success if they aren’t transparent with their values which now have to be visibly more emphatic, ethical, compassionate and global.

Said in another way; once upon time humans invented a lot of new things, concepts, systems, etc that seemed fantastic. Some of the inventions and ideas were & still is good but many of them weren’t & aren’t – which some people found out and/or highlighted it then & even more now.

Today we still deal with some of the not so good inventions and perhaps more likely the (now shrinking) mass mindset which followed them and still cling to them – now, as in 2018, in a visible serious way.

Serious because they have more or less harmed the worlds ecosystems and many of its inhabitants but perhaps the most alarming issue here is; some people continue to ignore it.

Conscious Consumers know this and they point it out, change habits, boycott etc. And as we know and as history have shown us before: when large groups of people stand together they can move the direction of the world. And that is what conscious consumers do.


Conscious Consers Christine Boegh


What to do?

Therefore if you are a (professional) individual or a corporation I suggest you (perhaps) evaluate your values, make them authentic, honest, visible & transparent. In that way you can enter the ever expanding compassionate consciousness or who knows you might upgrade yourself (& feel better), the business or even survive professionally or spiritually because you do it.


Christine Boegh




With Love & Compassion

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