The benefits of compassion can be experienced in all of our lives when we allow it to bloom and expand. Actually compassion is a natural instinct within us all, but is stifled when we lack awareness to it. This is why the practice of compassion results in numerous health benefits for the giver as well as the receiver of compassion. Therefore compassion is a key ingredient of authentic humane living and one of the signature states of well being.   

What is compassion?

Compassion is the practice of being present to the suffering of ourselves and others and responding from our heart with a desire to relieve this suffering with kindness, caring and support. Being mindful helps us to become aware of and be present to the suffering by clearing our mind of reactivity and directing our attention onto the life before us that we sometimes dissociate from.

Mindfulness helps us to move beyond indifference and judgment, and helps us to meet another being in a space of shared life and inter-being, where compassion can be unfold and expanded.

To take a deeper look on compassion we have to look at suffering which is most commonly associated with pain, distress and hardship which I agree with but said in another way we can also describe and incorporate suffering as the state in which the flourishing of the life energy and the self-realization of the authentic humane self is cluttered or even blocked.  

This approach to suffering sets the ideas of the flourishing, freedom, and fulfillment of the self in the full context of self-realization, making it possible to extend our practice of compassion to include the desire to see a life relieved of suffering and able to become naturally and authentically self-realized.

Understanding compassion in this way reveals that the ultimate expression of compassion is the desire to relieve the root cause of suffering – our separation from our authentic powerful humane being – and not merely the symptoms of this suffering that we commonly known as pain, distress, and hardship.

 Compassion is important not only for meeting our needs of self-realization to live the powerful humane life we are here for, but also for our healthy and positive survival and for our global sustainable living. It is an important factor in supporting each other to bloom and grow in a lovable way and in supporting the ecology of the beautiful and natural environment.

How to Practice Compassion    

Compassion can be expressed as acts of kindness, caring, and supportive that relieves the suffering of others and ourselves. It is important to realize that compassion is a way of life or an attitude, which means that it can be practiced at all time in our everyday living. This means that a smile or a kind word count as acts of compassion, and are the small seeds that when sown can make a big difference – especially if whole cultures, societies and preferable the whole world, is built upon small, easily practiced acts of compassion.

One of the key things is that the practice of compassion is authentic. Yes we can be `kind´ and `generous´ to others for ulterior, selfish motives if we choose to. However, with outer-directed compassion there is always an enlarged self-interest that incorporates the interests of others as if they were our own: it is a heart-based act. This means that compassion requires us to be present to others in a mindful way so that we can start to understand and feel the suffering that we may have a chance to help relieve.  

Practicing compassion in a mindful way means being present and consciously directing your attention on your interaction with yourself and other beings in the present moment. This also gives you the opportunity to become even more aware of how you close and open your heart to yourself, others, and the powerful energies of love, joy and life.     

If you want to empower yourself, your life, other beings and the world it is a good idea to make compassion a daily practice. What we practice daily builds the momentum for it to become a positive habit. Daily practice also encourage us to be more integrative of our full life experience, rather than reserving compassion for a few selected moments in our life, which only wastes the opportunities to be compassionate that are always right in front or inside of us. Compassion does not have to be reserved or limited for people we already like or perhaps take pity on. It is an unconditional practice you constantly can rebound in. Even the people that we find most challenging are human beings like you and I and experience suffering, and deliberate hurtful acts are always perpetrated out of suffering.

Compassion is an Expression of Self-Realization

Compassion towards other beings becomes a natural social expression of self-realization as life is valued more and our realization of shared identity helps us to see each other as an extension of our self. Compassion towards self also becomes a natural inner expression of self-realization as we find our inner centre, become more or fully present, and free ourselves from the clutter and reactivity of our mind.

Benefits of Compassion     

The benefits of compassion are being studied and documented by researchers; with findings that show that practicing compassion towards others improve our health and wellbeing more so than if we practiced purely selfish acts. This reflects an important truth of humane authentic living; that living a life of narrow self-interest perpetuates the suffering of living because we are acting as if we are separate from the whole and our greater self. By cultivating and expressing compassion, we focus beyond our disillusion, ego, and open up to a sense of enlarged, powerful and expanded identity that we discover through our powerful humane self.

Today, the world and all its inhabitants are in more need of our human compassion than ever before. However, the opportunities for expressing compassion are greater than ever before. This mean practicing compassion is a winner situation for all.

Here are 7 Powerful Benefits of Compassion

  1. Compassion reduces suffering and contributes to the wellbeing of the whole, making the world a better place.
  2. Compassion opens your heart which allows you to receive even more compassion, love, joy and abundance in its overall.
  3. Compassion enlarges your perspective and feeling of identity as you can discover a much deeper and broader connection towards yourself, others and life.
  4. Compassion improves your health by strengthening your immune system, normalizing blood pressure, lowering stress symptoms, improve recovery from illness and more.
  5. Compassion enables you to understand yourself and others more as you seek to relieve suffering by its root.
  6. Compassion increases the possibilities for peace and reconciliation where there is conflict.
  7. Compassion is contagious and spreads outwards, inspiring further acts of compassion and kindness when expressed, witnessed and experienced.

Empower Yourself, Enrich Your and Others Life with Even More Compassion For The Benefit of All

Being present to yourself and others from your compassionate heart involves developing a strong centre of presence in your true human nature. Compassion is one of the signatures of Inner Wellness. It is time to open your compassionate heart even more so you can live a truly fulfilling life in inwards and outwards abundance and making the world a better place at the same time.

My cards are made with the intention to gently and lovingly support you to claim and expand your (and the world’s) wellbeing.


May We All Feel Love & Compassion!

  • Christine Boegh ?


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