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Self-Care is essential for us to feel good and experience love, compassion and joy for ourselves and with others. In some ways self-care is an act of love for yourself, others and life. We need to give ourselves self-care if we want to feel good, be healthy and live more harmonious.

If you are going through a busy time it can be easy to forget self-care. Well I guess many people experience lack of self-care from time to time. Sometimes life can get a little too busy – or even way too challenging, so it might feels like life is throwing you around in a dance where you do not know the steps but try to follow the rhythm you sense but really can´t hear.

It can be confusing and so stressful that some people, in this kind of dance, forget themselves and forget to give themselves some good loving self-care. Some people even forget themselves so much they only live in their head and totally suppressing their body, their emotions even more and look like they don’t even know they can die of it even though they appear to be heading directly into one or several major unbalance issues like depression, obesity, heart attacks etc.

Regardless of where you are on your self-care scale there are always opportunities to start flashing more self-care so you can feel (even) better and sparkle (even) more. The mentioned tips for the daily situations are on a beginner’s level and most of them cost zero dollars. You just have to start and be a stubborn about it to empower yourself and feel better. You deserve it now and forever more.




Free and Easy Self-Care Inspiration to You from Me ???


Waking Up Self-Care 

Before you rush out of bed, spend 1-5 minutes to say good morning to yourself, your body and your day. Take a deep breath and say or think something like this:


“Good morning beautiful (your name), good morning my precious body – thank you for always supporting me – I am so happy we (body, mind and spirit) woke up. Today is a wonderful day. I am loved and everything is working out for me.”


In time you will get a very nice and strong self empowering feeling about this.


Self-Care Christine Boegh


Breakfast Self-Care

Before you eat, drink a glass of water – preferable infused with lemon.


The human body needs to be hydrated to function well. Drinking enough water, herbs tea, organic cold pressed juice on a daily basis is necessary for us to feel good and support our bodily health therefore it is an act of self-care to drink water.


Cheers my friend.


Self-Care Christine Boegh


On The Go Self-Care

When you transport yourself and get to a red light or traffic jam it is excellent opportunity to do some positive affirmations. Instead of just being thrown around in your mind puzzle thinking of whatever duties you have, please be kind to yourself and allow yourself to also take some time to focus on you and think about you in a caring and uplifting way. 


You can use affirmations like: “I love my life”, “I love being me”, and “Life loves me” etc. It doesn’t have to take long time but it surely brings your attention back to you in a kind and loving way.


Remember you are the most important person in your life. Without you there are no you.


Self-Care ChristineBoegh


Lunch Self-Care

Before you eat drink a glass of water and skip the salt.


Yes we need salt but not the amount of refined salt way to many people eats. For an example if you eat processed food from supermarkets and restaurants it will most often be full of unhealthy salt (chemically rinsed salt reduced to sodium and chloride – look for sodium on labels – you will be amazed of the huge amount there are in many food products) which your body recognizes as an “unnatural” toxin and triggers a process of expelling it from your bodily system. This causes a constant overburden on your excretive organs. Side effects may be high blood pressure – which can lead to heart attacks and strokes, mineral depletion, acid formation etc.  


So keep an eye on your salt intake and as a minimum you could use unrefined organic salt with minerals and nutrition’s if or when you use salt.


Self-Care Christine Boegh


Restroom Self-Care

Most restrooms have mirrors. Mirrors are a fantastic way to tell yourself that you love yourself and take good care of yourself. The technique is called “mirror work”. It is very simple even though some people might find it a big challenge because they are not used to say or think nice and loving thoughts about themselves while looking themselves in their eyes.


The trick is simply to stand in front of the mirror while you say and/or think something nice about yourself. Like in the car it does not have to take long time. Actually you can just say “I love you”.


If you find it strange no worries it will pass. But please give it try. After a while you will notice that you start to get a warm feeling in the area of your heart when you say it. This is super good. It means you have contact to yourself and your body in a loving way. Your self-care is working. And soon you will find that all mirrors are an opportunity to practice self-care.


In general restrooms are a very good place to observe how well your self-care is working. For an example you can observe how long time you have to be in there to do your poo poo and pee pee thing. If you have time to read and stuff you are most likely in the wrong self-care direction and for many people it can be a sign of dehydration, lack of good gut bacteria’s and fiber intake (poor diet). If it is also smelly it could be because something you eat is rotting inside your body. Just to make that clear – that is not good in the long term! For optimizing your self-care you could choose to eat better – most likely and very easy by adding more organic vegetables (also fermented) and fruits.


When it comes to your pee it should be clear (not yellow or something else) unless you eat beetroots and/or drink beet juice (it colors your pee right away). If it is not clear, it could be a sign of dehydration = drink more water.


Self-Care Christine Boegh


Snack Self-Care

Most snacks like candy, chips, protein bars, white bread, etc are pure junk to your body and have nothing to do with self-care. It steals more energy from you than the quick fix it might give you in the short term – both energy wise and emotional wise.


Try to skip it, at least the most of the time and incorporate self-care snacks that are healthier for you like:  Apples, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, banana, dates, dark raw vegan chocolate and drink some water, kombucha, herbs tea etc. 


Self-Care Christine Boegh 

Dinner Self-Care

Start with a glass of water.


Whatever and whenever you eat it can be a good idea to ask “Does my food nourish my body, mind and soul or do I just suppress emotions with it and hang on to old habits?” 


The thing is to become clear about whenever you eat (or at least the most of the time you eat) you show yourself care and feed your body with food containing natural and vital vitamins and minerals, water, fibers etc.  Because that is what the body needs and thereby what you need to feel good.


A good idea can be to make your own food. In that case you know what it contains, you can add herbs and spices and you can also start to communicate with your body and feed it what it needs to do its “job” and feel good. In doing this kind of communication we become more whole – we connect body, mind and soul on a daily basis which gives us so much strength and power.


I have meet people who take better care of their car than of their own body. But how are they going to drive if they are too ill to drive or can’t even enjoy the ride because they feel so shitty? It makes no sense. If you take good care of your car – you can most likely also show yourself more self-care and thereby empower yourself and enjoy your ride.


Self-Care ChristineBoegh


TV News & Self-Care

Limit the time you spend on watching news. Most news is loaded with fear and bad news. You don´t need it. Because the fear and negativity sneak into your (subconscious) mind and make you feel less than you are.


The more you feed yourself with fear, stress (also from what you eat), negativity, and bad news the more you incorporate it in your whole being. Not just your thoughts but also in your emotions and in every little atom of your body.


The good news is you can incorporate joy, peacefulness, harmony, and love etc by skipping the opposite (fear etc) and thereby take care of yourself and empower yourself.  


Instead of watching an overload of bad news, horror movies and manipulative commercial which lead you to become fearful and dreaming (most commercials sell quick fix dreams: if you just buy this you will become happy – without mentioning anything about how to become happy and feel good – which always require something else of you – like doing small acts of self-care, self-love and compassion etc on a daily basis) of a pretty life – that never becomes really pretty because you still feel shitty.


For your self-care you can add more: silence, uplifting music, meditation, funny movies, nature, loving friends and fur babies, inspiring Ted talks, books, art, exercise, and cleaning out your clutter etc.    




Don’t Blur Your Self-Care

Having a lot of clutter in your home and car etc can affect the way you feel in a negative way. Therefore cleaning out your clutter can uplift you in a positive way where you empower yourself.


Clutter might be found many places: computers, refrigerators & freezers, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and drawers, cars, garages, gardens, behind doors and windows etc.     


So a daily practice could be just to start de-cluttering whatever needs your attention. In that way you can create more uplifting and positive energy in your space which is also an act of self-care.



Night Time Self-Care

Just when you sit on your bed, ready to swing your lovely body into bed grab your feet, touch them and perhaps massage them a little and say “Thank you for bringing me around all day. I love you”


When you lie in bed just before you enter wonderland it is a super good time to give yourself even more self-care. Like in the morning you can say or think something nice and loving like “Thank you (your name) for a wonderful day. I am proud of me.”


Then you bring your attention to your body and think “Dear body I love you so much and I am so grateful for you lets rest and heal.” Preferable you make the bodily attention a flow from toe to head where you send some good energy to your sexy body and notice how you feel – maybe there are a body part that could need a little extra loving care.


It does not take long time and in no time you will feel that it is very nice to take a little extra loving care of yourself.


If you want to take it a step further you can also go through your day and give appreciation to all good things you did, were a part of, saw etc. When you recall all the good things it will empower you and most likely, with time, you will be able to experience more good.




*Bonus whether you do it all or are new in practicing self-care it can be a good idea to write some of all the self-care you do in a personal journal. In that way you can always observe your progress in accordance with your life.






Self-Care is how you empower yourself,

take your power back


expand it. 


Thank you for your time 


With Love & Empowerment


– Christine ? 




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