Social Self-Care


Social Self-Care

Social self-care is a part of your general self-care. The overall self-care is all the actions and practices in which you engage with to enhance and protect your overall health and well-being. It is about practices that will help you limit pressure, stress, negativity, unhealthy habits etc within all areas of your life simply for you to be the healthiest version of you.

In general we can say that self-care can be placed into five main dimensions: social, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. By introducing practices from each dimension you will be nourishing every aspect of your life. Today I will introduce you to some free and inspirational Social Self-Care ideas.

Social self-care is the synergy and energy vibes between you and others, and your engagement with other people and social situations. Everyone needs good and inspiring social interactions on some level. It’s about finding the amount of connections and synergies which is right and uplifting for you.

Sadly the feeling of social isolation has become incredibly widespread in the modern Western World, and while nobody really likes to be lonely, few people realize just how hard it is to feel lonely and social separated both for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual life. Actually the feeling of being lonely can affect everything in your life and from your mood to your immune system, but connecting with people you love, find inspiring, think are funny etc can counteract that effect, benefitting the very life-giving systems that the feeling of loneliness ravages.

Further, being in the presence of the wrong sorts of people can make you feel even more alone or even depressed. That’s why it’s critical and healthy to practice social self-care in a mindful and life-promoting way.


Social Self-Care


Before you deep dive into the free inspirational list I made just for you – you might like to see if there are some toxic relations and energies in your social life because they might be blocking some of your way to good vibes, uplifting energy and a healthy social life.

If you sense there are some blockings you are most likely right – trust your loving gut feeling. A suggestion could be: That you avoid or limit all toxic and negative people. Just tell them you are busy because you are busy taking loving care of yourself and making room for positivity on all levels in your life to flow freely.

The same goes for energy drainers. You know the kind of people who simply suck all your energy up and leave you drained for energy, emotional empty, mental blank, exhausted etc. They can be negative people but they can also appear as positive persons whom most likely due to dehydration, lack of vitamins, minerals and suppressed emotions, shadow-sides etc. have a body, mind and soul there are so low on energy that whenever they get an opportunity they will try to suck energy from whomever they meet.

Some of them can be a little tricky to locate because they can be charming and nice in other ways but trust me it is valuable for you to locate them and be honest to yourself about who it is even if it is a person you really like or perhaps are in family with.

A characteristic hint might be that they talk a lot about themselves and barely show any interest in you other than using you as an ear and/or they neglect your talents and good energy. You are most like just being used to stimulate their ego and to generate some (stolen) energy. This can be for many reasons but if you spend a lot of time trying to help them and all is moving nowhere you are being one of their “survival energy forces” which aren’t healthy for any of you. Move on my dear honey bunny love.    

When drainers and other toxicity are located: They can still be your friend if you want to but be aware of the time you spend with them and practice a lot of self-care and self-love within all areas of you and your life in general.  

*Note: If you have a very deep connection with someone super negative or drainers please be aware they can also affect your energy on a distance. The best you can do is to triple up all kind of self-care and self-love and maybe you could consider if they have to be an active part of your life. If not then they will, over time, most likely find someone else to energy-suck and you will be free. 


Social Self-Care

Social Self-Care – Wup Wup The Coast is Clear:

Now you have done your social clearing (if it was needed) and you are all ready and fresh to dive into your social self-care in an increased mindful way. Still some drainers in your life? No worries the first step to freedom and a better life is locating them – this alone will make some more space for you to rock your life, just dive into the list below and add more uplifting social self-care.


Free Social Self-Care Tips – 

Please Feel Free To Practice One Or All Of Them:


1. Create a silly yet compassionate family day.

2. Go to the cinema, the theatre, a concert and / or some art exhibitions.

3. Skype with a positive and dear friend.

4. Visit your grandparents if they are nice.

5. Call your parents if they have been nice to you.

6.Tell someone you love them for no other reason than that.

7. Spend time with beloved ones.


Social Self-Care


8. Spread colorful and when appropriate sensual compliments like confetti.  

9. Hug someone you care about or someone who really could benefit from a hug (ask for permission first).

10. Have a picnic with beloved ones somewhere beautiful.

11. Spend quality time with those you love – maybe play some funny and learning games together.

12. Re-establish contact with an old funny friend.

13. Join a friend at a yoga or workout class.

14. Tell someone what you appreciate about them for no other reason than good vibes and a smile perhaps.

15. Spend a romantic day naked in bed with your precious love one.

16. Have a dazzling champagne and strawberry dinner with like-minded.


Social Self-Care


17. Make a sensual blindfolded food tasting challenge with your sexy beloved one (note: you might like to make sure you have plenty of time).

18. Invite someone nice & wise on a car drive whiteout any particular reason or destination and let the magic connect you on new levels.

19. Say a smiling “Hi” or have a real conversation with your neighbors.

20. Go to a party and flash your good loving energy. 

21. Invite introverts to a pajamas party with lots of homemade popcorn and plenty Ethan Hawke movies (it is just because I have this idea that he is a kind human being and sometimes he also looks very hot…Like in some scenes from “24 Hours to Live”) or so.

22. Make a delicious brunch for someone you care about. 

23. Take a walk with a friend and talk about nothing and everything, the bees and the birds.

24. Write a thank you letter to one who helped you years ago just to say thank you.

25. Go shopping with someone you like and try some new clothes – you don’t have to buy it but it sure can be fun and uplifting.

26. Send an unexpected gift to someone – perhaps flowers, raw vegan chocolate or a little book full of life wisdom.

27. Get a couple massages with a beloved one.

28. Spend time with your little humans (children) – soon enough they might be non-negotiable “monsters” (teenagers) with no time for you and then you most likely have to wait 5-10 years until their hormones and everything are “stable” again. At that time you could be dead (I hope not but it could be true)

29. Smile to a stranger – also in the traffic.

30. Dress a little up and bring some social glitter to the “grey mass”.

31. Talk with a stranger – they can be pretty nice and some of them are actually just unknown friends of yours.

32. Write a kind email, message or sms to someone you like as a person – just to tell them that you like them and perhaps why you like them (with no hidden agenda).

33. Be a giver – a giver of compliments, gifts, good energy, wisdom, inspiration etc.

34. Show appreciation for those positive and lovable humans and social situations in your life.


Social Self-Care


35. Leave if social interactions and situations become full of gossip, backstabbing, blackmailing, manipulation etc. – Just look at your imaginary Diamond Rolex watch & say thanks for the nice time but you really have to catch your private jet for like 5 minutes ago because you are invited to a very special love conference in The Bahamas with Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Leonardo DiCaprio or so and walk away with your good energy and integrity in one peaceful piece. 


May we all have a blessed good social life!


Take care and thank you for your time ?


With lots of compassion and unconditional uplifting energy

– Christine ?



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